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Eight Things You Should Know About Pursuing An Injury Claim

by Gary E Rosenberg

1. Be truthful to everyone about any physical limitation you now have. The truth will come out.

2. Don't accept a check or sign a release from an insurance company unless you know exactly what it covers. Sometimes Springfield insurance companies will attempt to get you to release "any and all claims" - including your injury claim - and lead you to believe that you are only settling your claim for property damage. Check with an Springfield attorney if you're not certain.

3. Don't try to hide past accidents or injuries from your lawyer. Insurance companies share accident information in a central database, so the other insurance company will more than likely find out about this. The only person who may be surprised is your Springfield attorney, and this is never a good thing.

4. It's helpful to keep a record of how you feel, of your Springfield doctors and therapy appointments, medications you are taking, and of course, you inability to work and enjoy any of the "customary" activities that you participated in before the accident. You can't count on remembering everything later, and a lawsuit can take years.

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